Core Events of
RSCDS Toronto

Monthly Dances

Monthly Dances are typically (not always) the 2nd Saturday of the month. We dance to wonderful, put-wings-on-your-heels live music by the best Scottish country dance musicians in North America. The December Family Christmas Dance and the March Beginners’ Night Dance are particular favourites. 

The admission fee includes potluck light refreshments at the Interval. All dances are briefed, and most are walked through once. Except Beginners’ Night or Christmas, two dances on the programme are briefed only (one easy; one challenging). Dance Briefs and Dance Instructions are posted here as they become available. Social group teachers practice the dances leading to the event.         …Max Fothergill, Monthly Dance Convenor

Entry fees are listed here:

  1. * Members - $27 (includes HST)  * Non Members - $32 (includes HST)
    * Young Adult Members (18-34yrs) - $10   * Youth (under 18yrs) - $5
    * Spectators - $5

  2. *March Beginners’ Night AND December Family Christmas Dance: -
    $10 for those enrolled in Beginner Classes.

  3. *AGM/Volunteer Appreciation Dance in April: AGM is free; otherwise usual fees apply.

Monthly Dances are usually at Crescent School, 2365 Bayview Ave. (north of Lawrence Ave. E, 1st light north of the long bridge, opposite Granite Club). There is ample free parking on the Crescent School campus. <map to Crescent School>.

The November Afternoon dance is held at Branksome Hall School, as a continuance of the Toronto Workshop. You don’t have to attend the Workshop to attend the dance — just pay at the door as usual. Monthly Dance Contact: Max Fothergill  416-318-4041


Core Events for the 2019 / 2020 Season are all CANCELLED

October Dance  ~  Saturday, Oct 5  ~  8pm - 10:30 (out by 11:00!) ~  Music by Don Bartlett & The Scottish Heirs

Location:            Crescent School (Upper Gym) <map>  

Host Groups:      •  Bloorlea  • Calvin  • Scarborough    |    Briefers:  •  Arlene Koteff  Nigel Keenan  •  Vicky Zeltins   

Downloads:         2019-Oct-5-dance-briefs+video-links.pdf 2019-Oct-05-Dance-Instructions.pdf

Toronto Workshop (and Afternoon Dance)  ~  Nov 9  ~  8:30am - 5:00pm ~  Music by Scotch Mist

Location:        Branksome Hall Athletics & Wellness Centre <map>  

Teachers:       Angela Young  • Claire Collier  • Colin Campbell    

Musicians:       Don Bartlett  • Laird Brown  • Don Wood  • Fred Moyes    |    Scotch Mist will play for the Afternoon Dance

More info:       Workshop Page     

Downloads:    2019-workshop-afternoon-dance-briefs+video.pdf     |     2019-Nov-09-Dance-Instructions.pdf

December Family Christmas Dance  ~  Dec 14  ~  AT BRANKSOME HALL ~ 7:30pm - 10:30 (out by 11:00!) ~  Music by Scotch Mist

Location:            Branksome Hall Athletics & Wellness Centre <map>    Directions and Parking info (same as for the Toronto Workshop)

Host Groups:      • Aurora St Andrew’s   • Glenview  •  Humbercrest    |    Briefers:  • Blair Gerrie  • Deirdre MacCuish Bark   • Moira Korus 

Downloads:        2019-Dec-Family-Xmas-dance-briefs+video.pdf   |   2019-Dec-14-Dance-Instructions.pdf

January Dance  ~  Jan 11  ~  8:00pm - 10:30pm (out by 11:00!) ~  Music by Don Bartlett & The Scottish Heirs

Location:            Crescent School (Upper Gym) <map>  

Host Groups:      • Don Mills  • South Simcoe  • Trinity   |    Briefers:  • Sandra Scott   • Maureen Richardson  • Colin Philip

Downloads:         2020-Jan-Dance-cribs+video.pdf   |   2020-Jan-11-Dance-Instructions.pdf

57th Tartan Ball  ~  Feb 15  ~  5:30pm - The wee hours  ~  Music by Scotch Mist

Location:             The Brûlé Ballrooms of The Old Mill <map>      |    More Info:    Please visit the Tartan Ball page  

Downloads:           2020-Tartan-Ball-cribs+video.pdf   |    2020-Tartan-Ball-Dance-Instructions.pdf    |   2020-Tartan-Ball-diagrammes.pdf

CANCELLED:  March Dance: “Beginners’ Night”  ~  March 21  ~  7:30pm - 10:30 (out by 11:00!) ~  Music by Scotch Mist

Location:            Crescent School (Upper Gym) <map>  

Host Groups:      • St Clement’s  ASTA  • Woodglen   |    Briefers:  • Teresa Lockhart   • David Booz  • May Divers

Downloads:         2020-March-Beginners-Dance-briefs+video.pdf   |    2020-Mar-21-Dance-Instructions.pdf

CANCELLED:  April AGM / Volunteer Appreciation Dance ~ April 25 ~ AGM at 7pm ~ Dancing after ~  Music: Don Bartlett & The Scottish Heirs

Location:            Crescent School (Upper Gym) <map>  

Host Groups:      • Erin Mills  • Hillcrest  • St Andrews’s of Brampton   |    Briefers:  • Paul Maloney   • Keith Bark  • Jean Noble

Downloads:         2020-April-25-Dance-briefs+video-rev2.pdf     |    2020-Apr-25-Dance-Instructions.pdf

CANCELLED:  West Toronto Ball  ~  2020: May 9  ~  5:30pm - midnight  ~  Music by Scotch Mist

Location:            Sala Caboto, part of the Columbus Centre at Lawrence Ave & Dufferin Street. 40 Playfair Avenue <GoogleMap>

Downloads:          2020-West-Toronto-Ball-Briefs+video.pdf   |    --

CANCELLED:  Dancing in the Park  ~  First Four Tuesday in June  ~  7:00pm - dusk  ~  Music by Scotch Mist

Location:             Edwards Gardens <map>       Visit the Dancing in the Park page for more info, including rain locations.

First four Tuesdays in June, 2020 ~   02, 09, 16, 23    2020-Dancing-in-the-Park-programme.pdf

Downloads:         2020-DITP-week-1-briefs+video.pdf     2020-DITP-week-2-briefs+video.pdf  
2020-DITP-week-3-briefs+video.pdf     2020-DITP-week-4-briefs+video.pdf


All events are cancelled or postponed until further notice 

(posted 9 April 2020)