Classes for young people: wee ones, tweens, and teens  click here

The RSCDS Toronto Association offers classes for adults of all ages and dancing abilities, including those who are just beginning, those who have danced for decades, and everyone in between. Come join us and share the wonderful experience of Scottish country dance!

Questions? . . . please contact the Classes Convenor:  Catherine MacLean:  416.996-1136

Mastery Classes, Level 3 (Advanced): New Classes begin April 4, 2019

Central:  Level 3 Advanced Classes  At Eastminster United Church <map>

Thursdays: 7:30 - 9:30pm — April 4 - May 2  (5 weeks: $50)

Level 3 (Advanced) classes are conducted over 5 weeks. The classes build on the skill base of the dancers.  New formations and dances of more complexity in their combination of patterns are introduced to challenge the more experienced dancer.

Teacher: Moira Korus learned Scottish country dance as a child in Edinburgh, and   attained her full certificate in 2006. Moira teaches the Rosedale Children’s Group and the Glenview social group. She also instituted, and taught, the DAA (Dancing Achievement Award) programme in Toronto. Moira is popular on the SCD workshop circuit.   

Eastminster Church <map> is at 310 Danforth Ave. one block west of Chester station. Enter by the new side door and go downstairs to the Hurndale Room.

Contact Catherine MacLean 416.996-1136   Class Rep: Anne Bishop  647.234-4631

Extension Classes (Mixed Abilities): April 4 - May 23, 2019

Central:  Extension Classes  — Designed as a bridge between the end of regular classes and the beginning of Dancing in the Park, these classes extend the learning experience as dancers review steps and formations previously taught and are introduced to new ones. Three teachers (TBA) will share the teaching duties.

Thursdays: 7:30 - 9:30pm — April 4 - May 23  (8 weeks: $80)

At Eastminster United Church <map>  310 Danforth Ave. one block west of Chester station.
Enter church by side door. Go downstairs to register; upstairs to dance.

Contact Catherine MacLean 416.996-1136   Class Rep: Anne Bishop  647.234-4631

Beginner Classes:  New Classes begin in September. Dates TBA

Intermediate Classes, Level 2:  New classes begin in Sept. Dates TBA


New Beginner Classes start in September

  1. Bullet Regular classes run for 10 weeks,  7:30pm - 9:30pm

  2. Bullet Classes generally cost $100 (HST incl.)

  3. Bullet Level 3 Classes are $50/5-wk session

  4. Bullet Cheques are payable to “RSCDS Toronto Association”

As you begin 2nd term. . .

After your first term of Beginner Classes, to qualify for the second term, you are expected to become a member of RSCDS Toronto (info here). There are multiple reasons for this.

Basically, classes are subsidized by membership fees. Expenses include:

  1. rental of facilities

  2. token compensation to teachers

  3. insurance costs

From a 'big picture' point of view, classes would not exist without membership fees to support the training of teachers (equivalent to a university course, in both difficulty and expense), the testing and publication of dances, and the production of CDs for the music we dance to.

Plus, we are part of a world-wide international organization that maintains standards and safeguards the heritage and history of Scottish Country Dancing so it can continue to thrive.

So, please, cheerfully join-up. Over a year you can actually recover much of your membership fee by reduced entry cost for Monthly Dances and other events. You will also receive our monthly newsletter Set & Link and twice a year you’ll get Scottish Country Dancer magazine directly from Scotland.  Membership Page


Eastminster Class

Scottish Step Class  click here

Download this Classes-Registration-Form.doc, fill it out, and bring it to your first class