The 57th Tartan Ball:
February 15, 2020
The 57th Tartan Ball was a great success. Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate this grand event.

A number of first-time attendee’s conquered many of the dances.

A delicious dinner was enjoyed by all, fresh salad followed by a juicy piece of chicken, followed by a light and airy cheesecake -- which I think everyone devoured.

Scotch Mist was in fine form and kept everyone engaged on the dance floor.

Finally, a hot cup of tea, a light snack, then off to home to rest our weary bones.

Those of us staying at the Inn shared a breakfast shared with warm fellowship, which made us forget about our aching feet.

What a wonderful community we are blessed to be part of. 


  1. • EH3 7AF  • The Cabrach  • The Highlandman's Umbrella  • City Lights  • Gang the Same Gate  • Starlight  ~Interval~  • The Edinburgh Toy Shop  • Ice Crystals  • Polharrow Burn  • Green Grow the Rashes  • The Inimitable Derek  ~Interval~  • The Wild Geese  • The Orchards of County Armagh  • Over the Water to Charlie  • The Banks of Clyde  • The Reel of the Royal Scots   Extras:  • Flowers of Edinburgh  • Sandy O'er the Lea  • Miss Allie Anderson

  2. Downloads: 2020-Tartan-Ball-cribs+video.pdf  

  3. 2020-Tartan-Ball-diagrammes.pdf


Laurie McConachie

Sadly, the anticipated 58th Tartan Ball, which would have happened mid-February 2021, is now officially cancelled due to covid restrictions. 
We shall happily announce at some future date when we can once more enjoy a fabulous formal evening of Scottish country dance.

(Posted September 2020)