Saturday, November 9, 2019

Toronto Workshop
& Afternoon Dance

Convenor, Christy Barber, reflects on the 2019 Workshop:

With early snows arriving, we were thankful to have a dry day in order to get around the Branksome Hall campus, a venue which suits our dancing needs so well. Coincidentally, there were exactly the same number of dancers as last year, but we saw several different faces (and feet, but of course we are not looking down)!

   Our guest teachers Angela Young, Claire Collier, and Colin Campbell brought finesse and fun to the dance floor, and contributed so much to the success of our annual event.

   For the 2nd year, a free one-hour introductory class was offered.
Teresa Lockhart enthusiastically engaged over 20 people, including a family with three boys. We hope to have caught their interest to learn more. Marketing will follow up.

   The music of Don Bartlett, Laird Brown, Fred Moyes, and Don Wood, and of Scotch Mist for the Afternoon Dance, was a pleasurable part of our dancing experiences.

   As Convenor, I was well supported by an enthusiastic and hard-working Committee — not to mention the fun we had planning over the last 6 months.

My thanks to:

  1. registrar, Jane Robinson  

  2. communications coordinator, Louise Buddle 

  3. musician and technical support coordinator, Phil Buddle 

  4. bazaar liaison, Anne Moloney  

  5. evaluation coordinator Anne Bishop 

  6. hospitality and teachers’ gifts, Wendy Tamminen 

  7. briefer, liaison/ gifts and teacher facilitator; Jessie Garland 

  8. nametags and parking coordinator; Bill Barber 

  9. teacher facilitators; Elizabeth Baird and Ulla Dagert  

Additional assistance provided by:

  1. Program Director Kevin Moloney with budgeting and assurance

  2. Liz Martin with brochure design

  3. Rosalind Gilbert with registration

  4. Leo Roytman, Mike Morris and Paul Müther with musician and bazaar set up

  5. Andy Lipchak with parking

  6. Douglas Pickett and Ron Macnaughton with photography

Member hospitality was generously offered to out-of-town teachers, a musician and some dancers:  Thanks to Vicky Zeltins, Ulla Dagert and Paul Müther, Liz and Ian Clunie, and Janet and Ian Markham.

The Dancewear Bazaar under the leadership of Margaret Rieger celebrated 12 years of gathering and selling gently used items to outfit both new and experienced dancers, by encouraging us to purge our wardrobes. The efforts of the volunteer team of Evelyn and John Holmberg, Sue Ann Bryce, Joanne Racic, Lorraine Hadden, and Suzanne Dubeau generated an amazing $2300 in revenue. Well done, and thanks to all the shoppers.

The Afternoon Dance programme, devised by Andrew Collins, included some welcoming basic level dances. I am grateful to those teachers, and teacher candidate who accepted the invitation to brief, and to Max Fothergill for handling some of the Afternoon Dance details.

It has been my pleasure to convene the Toronto Workshop and Afternoon Dance.

. . .H.I.S.C.D.*  Christy Barber, Workshop Convenor

*Happiness Is Scottish Country Dancing