Resources for Marketing
Scottish Country Dance

On this page are a variety of resources you can use for marketing Scottish Country Dancing.

Feel free to download, customize if you can (or need to), and either print at home, or order prints from a friendly neighbourhood printer. (Rhonrose printing does good work on short or long runs in colour at a good price).

Dancing In The Park Flyers

This simple flyer is 3-up on a landscape letter-size page.

It has a verso side with info but printing that is optional
because the front alone delivers the essential message.
It’s economical to print and suitable for bulletin boards.

Dancing In The Park postcards

Dancing-in-the-Park-postcards.pdf is 4-up, 1 side, letter-size.

There are 8 postcards variations you can easily print at home to make ads you can post anywhere posting is allowed.  (your church, your Starbucks. . .) The two graphic styles represent dancers without showing individuals. 

Videos to put on your Phone

Download one or two to have on your phone so you can show people what Scottish country dance is like.

Longfield-Reel-mobile.mp4  43secs

The-Peat-Road-x2.mp4  60secs

Castle of Mey x1.mp4  39secs



‘Awaken’ Cardfold 1 side

This file makes 3 folding cards per page -- one side only to simplify printing and folding.

Keep several in your wallet for when the conversation turns to SCD -- as surely it shall. . .

There is also a duplex version 3-up: still easy to fold but it’s not always easy to print duplex at home (no probs for a commercial printer).

‘Awaken’ Poster

A single page poster echoing the Brigadoon ‘AWAKEN’ advert.

Designed for printing bleed but margins should also be okay for printing with a white border.

Two sizes:



Images for marketing

Feel free to download and use these images for any pamphlet or poster you may wish to make.

In this folder