Scholarships are available…


$500 Teacher Candidate Scholarship from RSCDS Toronto

Application deadline:  6 April 2024

Taking your Teachers Certificate involves a large commitment of time and expense, but it’s a fun and extremely rewarding experience.  The RSCDS Toronto Association (TA) has put aside a $500 scholarship that teacher candidates can apply for to help to cover the cost of the Teaching Certificate course. Candidates are eligible whether they chose to do the course at summer school or during the dancing year with the Toronto Association.

Note: The next Teacher Candidate training course in Toronto will be the Fall of 2024 into the Spring of 2025.

Selection Criteria:

  1. the applicant must have been a member of the Toronto Association for at least 3 years and be a current member of the Toronto Association;

  2. the applicant must have participated in Scottish Country Dancing (SCD) for three years or more;

  3. the applicant must have a plan to teach in the Toronto area;

  4. the applicant must have attained an advanced level of dancing;

  5. the applicant must have a desire to improve her/his dancing;

  6. the applicant must have a passion for SCD;

  7. the applicant may use the Scholarship towards the cost of taking Units 2, 3, or 4 of a Teacher Candidate course anywhere in the world starting prior to December 2024.

Application Process:

The applicant may apply for this Scholarship by:

  1. submitting a letter of application addressing in detail each of the above criteria;

  2. requesting letters of reference from one or more active teachers, to be sent under separate cover, addressing in detail each of the above criteria.


  1. Application materials from the applicant, as well as a reference letter(s) must be received via email by the RSCDS Toronto Association Director of Education and Training (E&T) by
    noon, 6th April 2024 to

Selection Process, Announcement, and Reporting Duty:

  1. A committee comprising the TA E&T Director and two teachers appointed by the Teachers’ Panel shall select the Scholarship recipient. The recipient shall be recognized at the 2024 AGM.

  2. The recipient shall send a report or reports on her/his experience to TA for publication in Set & Link.

  3. Eligible expenditures incurred by the awardee must have receipts. Receipts are to be received via email by the TA E&T Director once the course is complete.

  4. This Scholarship applies to a Teacher Candidate Class(es) held anywhere in the world.

  5. Only one submission of receipts is requested.

  6. Scholarship monies will be remitted to the recipient.


Scholarships for SCD-related aspirations for ordinary dancers, youth, musicians, and Teacher Candidates*

Do you have dance ambitions?  Want to meet new dancers from away, in Canada, or St Andrews? Scholarships are available and now is the time to apply.  Check out these possibilities.

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Scholarships:

The RSCDS offers generous scholarships to provide assistance, particularly from the Derek & Maureen Haynes Memorial Fund, for young dancers and musicians to attend St Andrews Summer School.  Note: Many of the scholarships for dancers and teaching certificate candidates attending Summer School are reserved for young people aged 35 and under. 
info & how to apply.

   Various scholarships are offered to dancers to help cover the cost of residential and course fees at Summer School, whether attending the teacher-training classes or to participate in one of the three weeks full of dance classes.

   Travel expenses are not typically covered; however, the RSCDS International Branch’s Susi Mayr Fund offers grants that may cover travel; the Fund’s purposes are much wider, and dancers are recommended to investigate it.   IB website

Other RSCDS Funds: 
• Teaching Certificate Scholarships 
• Overseas Travel Scholarships for Teaching Certificates   
• Jean Milligan Memorial Fund 
• Spring Fling Scholarships

Contact for scholarship enquiries and applications.

Scottish Country Dance Teachers’ Assoc. (Canada) Scholarships:

TAC offers scholarships to attend Candidate classes for Units 2, 3, and 5 at TAC Summer School (mid-July 2024 at Brock University, in St Catharines) as a Teacher Candidate, dancer, or musician. 

Contact Gael Forster, Examinations Coordinator, at for information, and check the TAC website for info on the Jubilee Scholarship for Teacher Candidates

TAC has separate scholarships for dancers and specifically for musicians, to aid in attending Summer School.
Check available options on the TAC website